The Real Story Behind the Recall Attempt...

  • Legal Filings:
    Pat Pepper files appeal to Supreme Court citing lack of evidence and errors in procedure: Appeal Brief filed in Supreme Court
    Pat Pepper responds to false allegations in the Recall Petition: PepperMay8Brief.pdf
  • Open Public Meeting allegations are false.
    Legal expert on OPMA submitted opinions that supported the Council, but the Mayor ignored them. AttorneyGeorgeOPMALetter.pdf
  • Allegations about contracting are false.
    Former Supreme Court Justice Talmadge writes opinion letter that supported Council, but the Mayor Benson ignored it: TalmadgeMemo.pdf
  • Allegations about budget are false.
    Read Budget Chair Councilmember Brian Weber's summary of Council Proposed Budget Changes: WeberBudgetInfo.pdf
  • The Role of Mayor Benson
    Council Rules passed by the newly elected Council provided for all committee meetings to be open to the public and conducted in the evening so that the public can attend. The Mayor refused to allow the Council Committees to meet in Council Chambers. She refused to unlock the doors and didn't want the committee meetings to be conducted in the evening.
    Mayor Benson's actions are not appropriate, as attorneys not paid solely by her have opined. Letter from Talmadge and Fitzpatrick to Mayor and Council regarding Mayor's conduct - Tal-FitzBensonLetter.pdf
  • Follow the Money. Public Disclosure Commission Reports - Top Contributors to 2017 Recall:
    Realtors, Goodwin, and Taylor Contribute to Recall Pepper
    Realtors, Goodwin, and Taylor Contribute to Recall Morgan
    2015 Council Election Results

  • Benson, Edelman, Tayor, and Goodwin's $20 million giveaway to the developer:
    From the city's Villages Development Agreement* Ordinance $1750 Developer Impact Fee expires
    The city's study estimated a need of $5800 per unit (see page 56). Rather than pay a small amount to correct the flaws the developer alleged were in the study, Mayor Benson dropped the fee entirely.
    At 6,000 units, the developer saved between $10 and $30 MILLION. Taxpayers will have to pay to expand city hall and the police station for future growth.
    *Full agreement on City's DA page.
  • In Washington cities, the Council makes contracts and sets the budget (the purse strings) on behalf of the city.
    When the Council looked into getting new reviewers for the Oakpointe/Yarrow Bay development, the mayor tried to usurp the Council's authority. The council's authority to contract on behalf of the city is addressed in this legal brief: ObjectionofCityCounciltoArbitration.pdf
  • 2015 Letters Dream Up Accusations Before Pepper Even Takes Office:
    Letter from council member Janie Edelman in 2015 urging people to vote for incumbents Goodwin and Taylor and supporting the YarrowBay development.
    The same letter was sent by the husband of mayor Benson, Gary Farmer, to the Maple Valley Reporter.
  • Legal Citations
    State Law on Council Contract authority: RCW 35A.11.010
    State Law on Council Legislative authority: RCW 35A.11.020
    State Law on Open Public Meetings: RCW 42.30.080
    State Law for Recalls: RCW 29A.56.110